By using custom domains, it will seem that all traffic from the mailings will go over your own domain, which gives a better impression to the ESP’s and the recipients. Custom domains need to be set up for the bounce handling (to route the bounce responses from the ESP to Tripolis) and to route all the public traffic (links and images) to Tripolis.

To set everything up correctly both DKIM and SPF should be implemented as well.

The private DKIM key is placed on the from-domain. The SPF record is placed on both the bounce- and from-domain.

For domain alignment purposes the public domains should to be subdomains of the from-domain. The example (public.) and can be any subdomain the customer chooses. 

Custom domain:

DKIM key is placed in the DNS of


  1. Decide which custom domain you would like to use.
  2. Send this data to Tripolis. 
  3. Tripolis will send the DNS alterations to be placed on your domain. 
  4. Tripolis will make changes on their side to catch the traffic from the custom domain and setup the DKIM.
  5. Setting the custom domain in Tripolis dialogue.
  6. Test the images for custom domain
  7. Send an email and test the redirect clicks and bounce handling.